Big News!

Mid- March 2015, while stumbling upon the profile of an old crush of mine, I was Facebook messaged…by that same boy. Now to any girl, that would cause a minor panic attack in which you feel like you may have accidentally liked one of their posts from 2009 and they’re wondering why you’re creeping. So naturally, that’s what crossed my mind. But that wasn’t the case. The message read: “Hey so how yah been?” …which to be completely honest, did not take away my panic attack. At the time, I had been single and heartbroken for about a solid 4 years, and though a major flirt, pushed away any guy who got too close. Here was a guy who was (and is) an absolute stud, and could quite possibly have any girl his heart desires…what is he doing starting a conversation with me? So, safe to say, it took a few screenshots, texts from friends and pursuing from those around me, to actually respond to the poor guy. But I did. Come to find out he was in Naples visiting and wanted to spend some time together. Now, we never ended up doing anything while he was here, but from that moment on the boy was persistent.  Me, not so much. I’ve been there before and I had come accustomed to talking to guys and then cutting it off once feelings were expressed. One of the first things Jared (yes, he has a name) told me as we were talking, was “who knows where the Lord may lead us”. That, scared the heck out of me. For awhile there, I honestly wasn’t ready for a relationship at all, so it didn’t become anything. Our talking slowed down, and I was back to thinking about other things. Then came August. I was on a trip by myself in New York, visiting some extended family…and Jared reached out to me again. This time, I was at a different place in my life (I know, months different, but I was) and so, I gave into his pursuing me, that becoming one of the best decisions in my life. November 2015, I flew to Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit Jared and meet his family. I was a nervous wreck on the plane, but the second I saw Jared  waiting for me at the exit, that all melted away. My time spent in Michigan was so perfect, almost fairytale like (excuse the cheesiness), and I fell in love. December 2015, Jared and his brother flew down to Naples, to spend time with some mutual friends of ours. While they were here, Jared finally met my family and they took to him very quickly. Also, I finally got my long awaited New Years Eve kiss. It was so nice having the official “stamp of approval” from my parents. January 2016, I flew to Michigan again, to be with Jared. About 2 weeks had gone by from the time he was in Naples, and we already missed each other too much. Now…February 13th, 2016, the day that marked a new chapter in our lives together. I was sitting on the beach for the sunset with my sister, it had been a crazy week of cleaning out the house so potential buyers can come view it. Plus, I was all depressed Jared couldn’t make it for Valentine’s Day weekend. Jennifer took me to her house, did my makeup, ate lunch with me, and then ended it with a trip to the beach. It was freezing on the beach and I hadn’t come prepared, so all I wanted to do was leave. Jennifer was persistent in keeping me there, saying my mom was on her way with blankets and all would be fine. Finally, after several threats from me saying I’m going to the car, my mom shows up and throws a blanket on me. I’m all toasty and not even a minute later, I see my dad walking towards me. Wondering why he’s there, I instantly look behind him and I see the reason why…Jared starts running towards me with flowers in hand. After 5 seconds of staring at him in disbelief, I drop my phone in the sand, stand up and before I know it I’m wrapped in his arms. 10 minutes go by full of squealing, smiling, sighing, wiggling, jumping, and overall relief. I’m overwhelmed with happiness, thinking he surprised me for Valentine’s Day. Then, he pulls away from me, grabs both my hands and starts telling me how much I mean to him. Unsure why he’s doing this right now, in front of my parents and sister, he drops to one knee. That’s when I realized what was happening. He asks “will you marry me?” But I’m in complete shock, squealing and saying “is this real?” I forgot to answer him. Realizing I didn’t answer, I practically scream “yes!” and a few kisses and more holding later…we’re engaged.

I never thought I would be engaged to the absolute love of my life, my best friend, my encourager, my hardworking provider and fearless protector. I’m so in love with this man. God’s brought me through and out of a lot of things in my life, He’s silently guided my every step, leading me to where I am today. Looking back I can see His hand so clearly over our lives and our relationship, it’s beautiful. I don’t deserve this love He’s given me, and yet…and yet. All I have to say is, wait for him, girls. Just wait. You may be heartbroken, thinking the relationship you lost was as good as they come, nothing can top it, nothing will be better, you’ve lost it all. But no. Wait. Wait and remind yourself. God has more. Everything you’ve desired, everything you need in a man. God has more. Let go of the guy you’re holding on to, the love that you lost. It’s easy to hold on to the familiar, the memories. But don’t let that rob you of what’s in store. Don’t let that blindside you from what God’s orchestrating for you. Most of all, be patient. God’s timing, is not our timing. He knows when you’re ready, not you. His timing is perfect.

Don’t ever put a time frame on God’s plan for you. The longer the wait, the bigger the blessing.

“Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” -Psalm 37:4



Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone…(or possibly nobody)!

This is my first time doing something like this, but I’ve had a love for writing since I was a wee little runt in Elementary School, and I’m finally going to put it to some good use!

  That being said, welcome to my new blog! I’m at a season in my life in which there’s so much going on and new experiences on their way, that I figured it’s about time I’ve started documenting.

So, I’d like to think of this blog as my open diary, aka “The Words of my Heart”, in which anyone and everyone can have a little glimpse into what’s going on in my world at any given moment. Though I can’t always promise that it will be interesting, I can promise that there will definitely be no lack in content! (If you know me, you know I have plenty to say when given the chance.)

Sit back, grab a drink (or some sweets) and enjoy, peoples!